Upcoming Workshops, Courses, and Events

Professional development and life-long learning are important cornerstones in the professional practice of College members.  Technological advances and rapid change ensure that professionals must actively participate in continuing education in order to remain competent and current in their chosen field of practice. To that end, the College requires that all registered and enrolled members complete at least 100 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) over a 3 year period. 

This section of the College web site contains announcements of events and information of interest to the membership to contribute to their continuing professional development. Information in this section is ordered by event date.  

The College makes no guarantees as to the quality or suitability of the courses offered by the institutions listed. Members are advised to use discretion to determine the relevancy of the events listed to their areas of practice, and must be prepared to demonstrate the relevancy of any activities for which CPD points are claimed.

Please contact the Registrar if you have information to be considered for posting to this page.

Nov 26, 2020
This is the 4th talk in season 5 of CMI's CREDtalks . Presented by Greg Utzig, MSc, PAg, Kutenai Nature Investigations, Kootenay Resilience, on...Read more
Nov 02, 2020 to Nov 27, 2020
Climate change is one of the biggest risks facing governments, businesses, societies and ecosystems around the world. Project managers, through their...Read more
Nov 01, 2020 to Nov 30, 2020
Victoria, BC
This 4-week course has been developed to share different facets of the “Economic Impact of Climate Change” among multiple disciplines, and to share...Read more
Nov 30, 2020 to Dec 01, 2020
The Rural Health Services Research Network of BC (RHSRNbc), in partnership with the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), is hosting a virtual...Read more
Dec 02, 2020
Webinar developed by Engineers and Geoscientists BC on their updated version of Professional Practice Guidelines - Developing Climate Change-...Read more
Dec 01, 2020 to Dec 02, 2020
The Fish Habitat Restoration (FHR) – Instream Techniques course will provide skills and knowledge to successfully conduct and manage an instream...Read more
Dec 03, 2020
West Coast Environmental Law's marine lawyers invite you to a webinar on how to use law to protect the coast and ocean in BC .Read more
Dec 07, 2020 to Dec 08, 2020
Environmental DNA (eDNA) Methods is a two-day fully online training program that provides training in effective survey design, sample collection,...Read more
Dec 08, 2020 to Dec 09, 2020
The two-day Working in and About Water – Legislation, Regulations and Responsibilities course is a comprehensive, classroom-based training program...Read more
Nov 23, 2020 to Dec 20, 2020
Canadian communities face challenges of declining infrastructure quality and diminishing health and resilience of many ecosystems, a challenge made...Read more