Using Your Professional Seal


Registered Professional Biologists (RPBio) and Registered Biology Technologists (RBTechs) are issued a seal. RPBios and RBTechs must follow requirements for use of their professional seal in the following documents:  

Physical Seals

In November 2020, Council approved the change from issuing a physical seal to a digital seal to new RPBio and RBTech registrants at the cost of $35.

  • A physical seal can still be purchased through Beaver Stamp Works at an additional cost of $37.75 plus shipping and taxes. All requests for a physical seal through Beaver Stamp Works are verified with the College prior to being issued.

NB: Purchase of digital seals is voluntary for registrants who already possess a physical seal. Acquiring a digital seal in no way invalidates a registrant’s physical seal. The College is offering digital seals to registrants registered prior to November 2020 in recognition of the increased frequency of digital documents that require sealing.

Digital Seals

Download a PDF of these instructions