Using Your Seal

The College provides a physical seal for all registered members in good standing. The College recommends that members sign and/or seal all documents and are reminded that they are responsible for the content of all documents that they prepare whether or not they are signed and/or sealed.

Digital Seals

As per Rule 13.4 a signature and seal may be affixed to Documents in electronic format only when using a College approved digital signature and seal. Most employers or clients are  requesting that a final original signed and sealed document be delivered electronically.  In response to this need the College has entered into agreement with Notarius.  With this agreement the member will be able to digitally sign and apply an electronic version of their seal with date to their professional documents so that the documents can be transmitted electronically in a secure fashion.

If the member does not want to use the approved digital signature and/or seal the recommended approach is to submit the document electronically, with a notation of “original signed and sealed” (or whatever note is correct, depending on whether the seal is attached), and forward either a copy of a signed and sealed page, or whatever the  contract calls for (some will want an original, others a facsimile). We are aware of Adobe programs which enable security settings, however these programs do not meet the security requirements for digital certificates which would be required for electronic transmission of a signature or seal.

Members interested in purchasing the digital signature and electronic seal technology may do so by visiting the College section on the Notarius website and follow the directions set out in the application sections of the site.  

Please see the College Bylaws for other details.